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M.I.S. - Management Cockpit

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Program Outline: Design > Build > Act.

The Management Cockpit is a differentiator for business success and its efficiency is a major strategic issue. Would you board on an aircraft or a sailing-ship without  Pilot, GPS, compass, radio, radar, gauges, weather forecasts, rescue boat, a skilled crew...? 3 days course (English or French) - On request & Customisable:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Day 1 : DESIGN  


•             Introduction

  • Scope, overview, strategic issues.
  • Round-table: Participant’s expectations.
  • Managing requirements: decision-making data.
  • Structuring effects, efficiency boosters.

•             Strategy

  • The strategic equation.
  • The golden ratio for sustainable performance.
  • Typologies.

•             Business model. Business Process Modeling (BPM).

  • Marketing mix.
  • Process: definition, characteristics, identikit-picture, typologies.
  • Concepts: lead time, process maturity.
  • Lean Six Sigma principles. Business Process Reengineering. RPA/FPA.

•             Building the Information system: raw data & big data.

  • Costs accounting. Costs calculation methods, Activity-based costing.
  • Process measurements and roadmap.
  • Innovations: project portfolios.
  • Traceability, audit trail.
  • Knowledge management: staff competency framework.
  • IT architecture, ERP, B.I.

Day 2: BUILD


  • Ergonomic and integrity requirements.
  • Technology, virtualization, augmented reality.
  • Master plan. "Agile approach" - Prototyping.
  • Financial and non-financial Indicators. A.R.T. Methodology, typology, check-list.
  • Graphical widgets. Selection process, tips.
  • Effectiveness indicators.
  • Financial indicators.
  • Process Performance Indicators (PPI).
  • Productivity, Risks, Quality indicators: KPI, KRI, KQI.
  • Progress indicator; PMI (Project Management).
  • Capacity indicators.
  • Dashboards design. Methodology.
  • Financial dashboards


Day 3: ACT: deploy and run ! 


•             Dashboards (continued)

  • Projects portfolio.
  • Process maturity roadmap.
  • Competitiveness, Benchmarks.


•             Change management.

  • Organizational aspects.
  • Communication plan.
  • Vertical deployment of the Management Cockpit.

•             Forecasting. Simulations.

  • Sensitivity measurements.
  • “What-if” . Scenarios.

•             Conclusion & Quizz.